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where does mcl fit in?

I've been programming with procedural languages (Pascal and C) for ten
years.  I'm ready for a change, and I'm ready to begin working on 
software that helps people learn -- something along the lines of Alan
Kay's dyna-books.

The Mac seems indisputably the computer for education.  I'm strongly 
attracted to the elegance of Lisp.  I'm not immune to its somewhat
exotic reputation...  But is it the right choice for me if I'm trying
to outfit myself for writing sophisticated educational software, to
be delivered in 5 to 10 years?  

I read lately that Apple wrote its new product Rosebud in SmallTalk.
Is there a consensus in the Mac community about what languages to use
for different tasks?  Is there a projection of how that might change
as computers get more powerful?

If you'll take the time, I'd like to hear why you use Mac Common Lisp, and 
what role you think it will play in the future for the Macintosh.


 - Paul Shannon