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Higher-ed MCL Users Wanted

Macintosh Common Lisp fans,
I'm looking for MCL users at universities to write an article for Syllabus.
Syllabus is Apple's Higher Education publication which is sent out bi-monthly
to 20,000 higher ed software publishers, many of whom do development.  The
editor has opted to produce four special issues of Syllabus this year,
specifically targeted to a Higher Ed development audience; a description
appears below.
Quite a few universities use MCL for teaching and research; many of you have
site licenses for MCL.  However, many other universities don't know much about
MCL or Common Lisp.  If you might be interested writing an article for Syllabus
describing MCL and discussing how you use it at your school, please send mail
to me and to Sylabus.  Thanks a lot.
--Harvey Alcabes
  MCL Product Marketing Manager
New Version of Syllabus Magazine to be Published for Computer Science
Four special issues of Syllabus magazine targeted at computer science
departments will be published in 1992, starting in mid-April. The magazine will
be circulated to 20,000 higher education computer science professors in the US
with additional copies sent to Europe and the Pacific Rim.
Each issue will include the following regular features:
oFeature article on trends and issues in computer science.
oAn in-depth case study covering a professor involved in either computer
science instruction or research.
oTechnology article(s) that focus on specific technical areas of interest
within the software industry and computer science research.
oMarketplace view": An interview with someone well-known in the software
industry  discussing industry trends and the implications for university
computer science programs.
oCurriculum article: Focuses on a particular course in computer science
departments such as introductory computer science, operating systems or data
structures. Trends and issues. Up to five mini-profiles of how the Macintosh is
being used in the course.
oBooks, products, resources. Listings and descriptions of compilers, utilities,
textbooks, etc., that are of interest to computer science professors.
Interested parties are invited to submit  article suggestions and product
Please forward all news releases, article suggestions and product review copies
Syllabus-Computer Science
P.O. Drawer Q
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Internet: Syllabus@AppleLink.Apple.com.