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Re: X-windows, CLX interface for MCL?

>Anyone know of a CLX (Common lisp X-windows standard) interface for
>MCL. We want similar commands for our Sun Common Lisp and MAC lisp
>Mick O'Donnell

CLX is highly specific to X-windows, which means it's pretty 
sub-optimal for a Mac environment. If you really want to do this,
you might want to take a look at a package like CLM (common 
lisp/motif), which I believe is available on the X windows contrib 
tape. You can run X windows on the mac with MacX (sold by APDA), 
and I imagine you'd use CLM to create Motif windows which appear in 
that. But I don't know if anyone's ever tried this, and besides, 
that's a frightfully awkward way to get any work done.

If you want to port your applications across platforms, you'll be
much better off in the long run with a system like CLIM which 
was designed for exactly that. For more info about CLIM, contact:

ILA (International Lisp Associates)
114 Mount Auburn St
Cambridge, MA 02138 
800-477-CLIM or 617-576-1151 (voice)
617-576-2806 (fax)

Also, ExperTelligence makes a GUI toolkit called Action! which runs
on macs and SPARCstations, among others. For more info, contact:

5638 Hollister Ave.
Goleta, CA 93117-3474
805-967-1797 (voice)
805-964-8448 (fax)