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Emacs packages and processes?

I am in the process of moving a large lisp project from Franz on a
Sparcstation to MCL2.0b1.  Everything is going well, but:

1.  Can I get access to the "psudeo-multitasking" that the editor uses (or is
there a process capability in the works)?  I need to run a process for
specified amounts of cpu time for some real-time decision-making research.

2.  Is there a library of Fred code anywhere that brings more of my favorite
gnuemacs capabilities to Fred?  I know about Examples distributed with with
2.0b1, but is there anything else?  Things like esc-q (text fill paragraph), 

Overall, MCL2.0b1 is already a nicer environment that Franz Common on a 28mb
Sparcstation 1+, I'm very impressed.


Bruce D'Ambrosio