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Re: Simple example of QuickTime Player wanted

>Does anyone have a MCL 2.0b1 code fragment that opens a QuickTime movie and 
>plays it in a window?  No frills, just the basics of opening the file
>and displaying the contents?
>David Wroblewski
>U S West Advanced Technologies
>Boulder, CO 

There's not one, but two examples of this, which I've recently added
to our anonymous ftp site. This is at cambridge.apple.com, in the 
directory /pub/MCL2/contrib/

 movie-window   -  by Masaya Ueda    (domo arigato!)
 QTSample.lisp  -  by Daniel Ranson  (merci beaucoup!)

You should also get the Quicktime package in /pub/MCL2/QuickTime.sea.hqx
in order for these to work properly.