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Re- Heaps...

To:    Mike Meehan,   mmeehan@eesof.com
cc:    info-mcl
From:  Steve Mitchell
Date:  02-10-92
Sub:    Heaps...
> How can I set the partition between the lisp heap and the
> Mac heap in mcl2.0?
ResEdit the LSIZ resource with a copy of ResEdit that is
recent enough (2.1.1 is the latest) to support the TMPL
resource so you can see what you're doing. Don't count on
this working in 2.0 final, at least under the EGC.
> Whats the best way to get the space left on either heap?
(#_FreeMem) will give you the free Mac heap # bytes. See if
(ccl::%freebytes) gives you the free Lisp heap # bytes (in
which case (ccl::total-bytes-allocated) may give used # bytes).
If not start by disassembling #'room. Someone who did it in
the past posted it on info-mcl, but again, the memory offsets
may be different in 2.0 final.