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converting from 1.3 to 2.0

Dear Sirs,

For almost three years I have been writing code with MACL, starting with version 
1.0, and more recently, with version 1.3. Recently my department bought a Quadra 
700 and MACL 1.3 would no longer run correctly.

We have just received MACL 2.0b1. I will have to spend considerable time in 
converting from Object LISP to CLOS. Instead of actually converting all the 
code, it seems resonable to consider writing functions to implement (most of) 
Object LISP in CLOS - that is, writing functions (or macros) to implement: ask, 
have, oneof, defobfun, etc.

On further consideration, it seems that perhaps someone has already done this. 
Do you have this code available for sharing? Please respond to me at:

Sincerely, Dan Lamet at Boise State University