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Re: A C pointer passed to LISP

> Date: Mon, 10 Feb 92 20:29:23 PST
> From: shen@dolphin.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (Sheldon Shen)
> It is mentioned in the Foreign Function Interface chapter that "Passing a pointer to LISP  
> data is not safe, because such data can be relocated at any time".
> In my program, I pass a C pointer to LISP.   It is a pointer to a STRUCT that maintains the  
> status of a database.

The text from the manual you quoted means "A pointer that points at Lisp data cannot be passed
to a foreign function, because the Lisp data can be relocated at any time."  You're doing
the opposite, passing a pointer that points at C data to a Lisp function, so that's not
the problem.

I couldn't guess from the rest of your message what the actual problem that's causing
a crash is.