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RasterOps Accelerator Boards and MCL

For any of you who may have been trying to use any of the RasterOps
Accelerator boards (like the 801 or any of their newer boards) the bug
which didn't allow the Accelerator software to work with MCL has been
fixed.  Much thanks go to Gary Byers from Apple Cambridge's MCL team
for finding out the exact nature of the problem (the RasterOps
software was mistakenly munging the 18th memory address which MCL
uses).  Thanks also to Steven Flowers of RasterOps for fixing the bug
in their code.  If you've been trying to get one of their graphics
accelerator boards working with MCL you can now get a new version of
their Accelerator init (ask for version 2.92b1 or better) from
RasterOps customer service.  By the way, for those of you using
off-screen gworlds to speed up graphics in MCL, the RasterOps boards
which use this acceleration software increase speed a whopping 11
times!  Pretty nifty.  

Thanks again Gary for your help.

Marc Davis, MIT Media Lab