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Re- classic II adequate for m

To:   Paul T. Shannon,   pts@faraday.clas.Virginia.EDU
cc:   info-mcl
From: Steve Mitchell
Date: 02-11-92
Sub:  classic II adequate for mcl?
> I'm now eager to purchase a Mac to learn mcl.  I'd like to buy
> the cheapest possible model, and I'd like it to be adequate for
> about two years of use for serious home study and small-scale development.
> I can buy a Classic II (68030 at 16 Mhz) for about $1200.  I can add ram
> to get a total of 10 MB.  Color and a large screen are not essential.
> Would I be foolish to buy the Classic II?  If so, what is the cheapest
> adequate machine?
I applaud your decision to use MCL2. Given your clear statement of your
requirements, the Classic II is the right choice and that is an excellent
price (assuming an internal 40 MB hard disk). Under System 7, 4 MB RAM is
not adequate for development, so you will need 6 MB to start with. 10 MB
would be even better because you can really minimize disk access through
pre-loading and caching. File compiling will dramatically speed up
program loading, and you will have a powerful development system at a
very low price.