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Simple example of QuickTime Player wanted

Dear David:

   From: davew@yakimauswest.com (David Wroblewski)
   Date: 8 Feb 92 00:04:16 GMT


   Does anyone have a MCL 2.0b1 code fragment that opens a QuickTime movie and 
   plays it in a window?  No frills, just the basics of opening the file
   and displaying the contents?

I wrote two programs to play QuickTime movie. One is almost equivalent
to QTSample.p in QuickTime CD-ROM Disk. The other is CLOS version that
you can make a window to play movie as bellow.

(setq mvwnd (make-instance 'movie-window))

QuickTime movie-window code will be included in the MCL CD-ROM. If you
want it now, I will send it to you.