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RasterOps Accelerator CDEV update



I've just posted the new version (2.9) of the Accelerator
CDEV for RasterOps graphics boards to the cambridge.apple.com
archives in the pub/MACL directory (I hope this is the 
correct place to put it! There is no "incoming" directory). 

It allows use of the Accelerator on Quadra-class
Macs, and also fixes a bug (conflict) with MCL 2.0 (it 
consistently crashed upon startup when the acceleration
was turned on).

It was downloaded from the RasterOps support bboard, and 
reposted with permission from RasterOps. It is encoded
in BINHEX and is a self-extracting archive (double-click
it and it unpacks itself). 

I DIDN'T WRITE IT -- to get help from Rasterops, send 
EMAIL to "RasterHelp" at Applelink (internet email address

Charlie S. Lindahl
Automation and Robotics Research Institute
University of Texas at Arlington
Internet EMAIL: lindahl@sparki.uta.edu