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new version of RESOURCES.LISP (?Ruben Kleiman?) available?

I got hold of the file "resources.lisp" by Ruben Kleiman (Apple, ATG) a
while ago. I think it was part of an APDA CD-rom. This file is very
handy to deal with resources but it contains some minor bugs. The
file I have still contains things like (in function map-resources):
                (_hlock :errchk :A0 resource-handle :D0)
                (funcall function resource-handle)
                (_hlock :errchk :A0 resource-handle :D0) ; SHOULD BE UNLOCK!

Unfortunately the file does not contain Ruben's email address. Is
there a new version of this available or are there any other packages
recommended (I've checked out the one at cambridge.apple.com).

  Thanks,  Alex