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Porting TMC *Lisp Simulator to MCL 2.0

   Has anyone out there succeeded in porting the Thinking Machines
Corp. *Lisp Simulator (f19) to MCL 2.0?  I'm working on it and there have
been numerous snags, including:

   1) CLtL2 package system incompatibilities (I have these fixed)
   2) Bugs in conditional evaluation using #+, #- for *features*,
      caused by changes in CLtL2 spec. (These are fixed)
   3) Disappearance of COMPILER-LET in CLtL2, which is used heavily
      in the code. (This is tough to get fixed)
   4) + Other annoying things.

   If no one has done this yet, I'll forward my fixes to TMC and talk
with them to get the rest of the stuff done.  If someone has done it,
please post and send me mail.  Thanks in advance...