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Re: classic II adequate for mcl?

In article <9202112008.AA11887@faraday.clas.Virginia.EDU> pts@faraday.clas.Virginia.EDU ("Paul T. Shannon") writes:
>I can buy a Classic II (68030 at 16 Mhz) for about $1200.  I can add ram
>to get a total of 10 MB.  Color and a large screen are not essential.
>Would I be foolish to buy the Classic II?  If so, what is the cheapest
>adequate machine?

I don't have MCL yet, but I do have MACL (the previous version), and I
run it on an SE/30 with 5 meg RAM.  I am quite satisfied with the
performance.  A Classic II is not quite as good a machine as an SE/30,
because although the processor and clock speed are the same, the SE/30
has a 32-bit wide data bus, whereas the Classic II's is only 16 bits.
A Classic II is thus only about 2/3 as fast as an SE/30.  The SE/30
also has the math coprocessor standard, and has more slots for SIMMs.
You can get the coprocessor for the Classic as an optional extra
(don't fail to do this), and I doubt whether the smaller number of
SIMM slots will matter.  Your next step up is a IIsi + monitor, quite
a bit more money.  I think you'll be satisfied with the Classic II.

Can anyone tell me why Apple killed the SE/30 from their product line
and then didn't replace it with anything comparable?

John E. Doner
doner@aero.org    or    doner@henri.ucsb.edu