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Re: MCL-SIG *within* MADA?

In article <9202151606.AA19493@damon>, futrell@damon (robert futrelle) writes:
> Is it too big a task to set up an MCL group at the level
> of MADA, or is it best to organize as a SIG under MADA?
> I'm not familiar with the politics/organizational-hassles.
> In any event, some more formal structure for MCL-using
> developers is warmly welcomed and we'd certainly contribute
> to help it move forward.  And don't forget ALU, the
> new Assoc. of Lisp Users. (see comp.lang.lisp for the
> recent announcement, maybe it was co-announced on mcl too).

I'm sure we will talk more about the new MADA extensions (MCL, Windows
programming, Pink (?..) at Orlando (MADA conference). For instance
we will have a 45 minute session about MCL, and I guess we should 
talk about the possible SIG extensions during the conference.

I feel that a sub-SIG under MADA is in order.

Kent Sandvik/DTS