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Adjusting the field size of scrolling window?

I'm attempting to port some of my natural language grammar development tools
to MCL 2.0, and I'm having some trouble finding out how to re-adjust the field
size (i.e. the size of the image being scrolled) in a scrolling window *after*
the window has been created.  The idea is that after the user types an sentence
into the parser, the parse tree, the "feature structure" and the "semantic
representation" will be displayed in various windows.  Depending on the sentence
these will vary in size.  I don't want to open a new window for each sentence,
since the screen very quickly becomes cluttered, but rather I want to update
the three windows currently being used to display these things.  I also don't
want to just set the field size to some large value - a value large enough to
display the largest structures that might be encountered will be so large that
small feature structures will occupy an insignificant component of the total

Also, when I attempt to compile scroll-bar-dialog-items I get an error:

;Compiling "HD:Programming:MCL:Library:scroll-bar-dialog-items.Lisp"...
> Error: :CONTROL is not a valid record type
> Type Command-. to abort.
See the RestartsI menu item for further choices.
1 > 

and when I compile records.Lisp and then Quickdraw.Lisp I get a host
of warnings.  Have I set up something wrong?  (I'm using 2.0B3).


Mark Johnson