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Re: where does mcl fit in?

"Common Lisp in the ROMs would be even nicer.
"Bill St. Clair

I have wondered for some time why Apple hasn't done this already. I've heard
that Apples ATG uses LISP for most of its research, and the Mac has been a
study in upping the lowest common denominator, so why not? It would have
been especially (insanely?) great if Pink were CLOS-based instead of C++-based.

Don't you Apple guys have any chits to call in with the Quadra developers?
(Or maybe Cambridge could create its own ROMs, with the standard stuff and a
LISP core. I know IIci's have a ROM slot just waiting for such a thing, and I
think there are other machines with such a beast.)


Wayne Folta          (folta@cs.umd.edu