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Re- MCL SIG within MADA

To:   info-mcl
From: Steve Mitchell
Date: 02-15-92
In info-mcl message "MCL SIG within MADA - proposal", Howard Oakley
proposes the formation of a SIG within MADA for MCL users.
I believe this is an important step for MCL for a number of reasons:
   - people have come forward who are willing to do some work for it
   - MacApp can't be all bad, PhotoShop is written in it; in fact it
     must be very good. There is probably a lot to be learned from it
   - major problems that MCL faces are also faced by MacApp - lost
     in APDA, lost in Apple, lost in a babel of OOPS - together they
     have a better chance of being heard, and even marketed
   - Apple's organizational structure favors grouping of "like"
     products, and there is support for the SIG from within Apple
   - it will provide a broader forum than info-mcl for beginners,
     and for developers of commercial MCL software
   - it will be a broader point of contact for new Mac programmers
     than an MCL-only organization
   - it should be easy enough for die-hard lispers to ignore.
Distinguishing MADA from MacApp can be facilitated by also
establishing a MacApp SIG within MADA, and a competition to coin
a new set of words for the acronym (how about "Macintosh
Application Developers Association"?)