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MCL-SIG *within* MADA?

    Date: Sat, 15 Feb 1992 11:06 EST
    From: futrell@damon (robert futrelle)

    Is it too big a task to set up an MCL group at the level
    of MADA, or is it best to organize as a SIG under MADA?
    I'm not familiar with the politics/organizational-hassles.
    In any event, some more formal structure for MCL-using
    developers is warmly welcomed and we'd certainly contribute
    to help it move forward.  And don't forget ALU, the
    new Assoc. of Lisp Users. (see comp.lang.lisp for the
    recent announcement, maybe it was co-announced on mcl too).


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Back in August (just before MacWorld I think) there was a meeting of
interested MCL users.  The meeting was announced on this list.  One of
the issues discussed was a more formal organizational structure for the
MCL user community (eg. the formation of an official users group).  It
was an opinion of the majority of those present that the then present
level of organization was sufficient for users' needs and that a more
formal organization would evolve should it be needed.

Increased traffic on this forum indicates that the user community has
grown since the August meeting.  Perhaps the community should reevaluate
the decision about formal establishment of a user group.  

I would not be opposed to the forming of such a group but I do find the
present level of organization (the forum, with input from Apple
management provided by Harvey Alcabes) sufficient for my needs.

Aside from being two runts in the same litter, I don't see how MCL and
MacApp relate, so I don't understand the the motivation for merging the
two user communities.

If people would like to discuss this, I would hope that they do so in
some other forum as I, and I would guess many others, are probably not
sufficiently interested in the discussion, only the outcome.  Perhaps
posting an occasional summary of the issues to info-mcl might be
appropriate however.