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From ask to ?

     I have a couple questions about replacing uses of ask in conversion from Object LISP 

to CLOS. In one case the previous code was:

     (ask old-text-item (fboundp 'reset-sequence))

    Intuition tells me that  ((fboundp 'reset-sequence) old-text-item)  is not the same thing.
The other case is where previous code is something like:

    (ask seq-dlog-item (mapc #'cell-deselect  (selected-cells)))

 I would in this case bet on:

   ( mapc #'cell-deselect (selected-cells seq-dlog-item))

   as the correct conversion, but It seems that perhaps the object must be specified again 

for the application of the function as in:

   ( mapc #'cell-deselect  seq-dlog-item  (selected-cells seq-dlog-item) )

Any advice on these would be appreciated...My copy of the second edition of  Steele's
book is back ordered.

		Marty Christensen