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Re: ELT unhelpful error msg

> Date: Wed, 19 Feb 92 10:37:06 CST
> From: mcdougal@cs.uchicago.edu (Tom McDougal)
> ? (elt '() 0)
> > Error: Argument 0 is not of the required type.
> > While executing: ELT
> This is not a very helpful error message!  :-)

True.  I tried to reproduce it and found that its been changed between the 
version you are using and the one I'm using (2.0f2c5).  The current behavior is

  ? (elt nil 0)
  > Error: Can't access zeroth component of NIL.
  > While executing: ELT

which looks more informative to me.  However, I was suspicious of that "zeroth" 
and what it might imply for larger indices, so I tried

  ? (elt '(foo) 1)
  > Error: Can't access first component of (FOO).
  > While executing: ELT

which doesn't make much sense.  It looks like there needs to be a 1+ wrapped 
around the argument supplied to a ~:R format directive.  I'm reporting this as 
a bug.

ps. When reporting problems, *please* mention what version you are using.