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Re: mcl general info request

>Could someone please answer some very general questions about
>mcl for me?  I have a mac+ and am in need of a vanilla common
>lisp interpreter.  What is mcl?  Is it a commercial product?
>Where can I get it?  How much is it?  Can one get a simple
>interpreter without toolbox functions?

Here is an edited version of Mark Kantrowitz & Barry Margolin's
Lisp FAQ list. I have included only descriptions of Lisp & Scheme
implementations that claim to run on the Macintosh. MCL is one of the
described commercial Lisp implementations.

MCL will not run in a 1 Meg Mac plus. It requires at least 2.5 megs,
and will be happier in 4 megs.

Bill St. Clair


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;;; ****************************************************************
;;; Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Lisp ***************
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;;; Written by Mark Kantrowitz and Barry Margolin
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Free Lisp implementations:


   XLISP is free, and runs on the IBM PC (MSDOS), Amiga (Atari ST),
   Macintosh, and Unix. It should run on anything with a C compiler.  It
   was written by David Michael Betz, 127 Taylor Road, Peterborough, NH
   03458. The reference manual was written by Tim Mikkelsen. Version 2.0
   is available by anonymous ftp from
           cs.orst.edu:/pub/xlisp/ [] or
   Version 2.1 is the same as XLISP 2.0, but modified to bring it closer
   to Common Lisp and with several bugs fixed. It can be obtained by
   anonymous ftp from
   in the file xlisp21c.zip (soon xlisp21d.zip) and comes with IBM/PC
   executables. For obtaining a copy through US mail, send email to Tom
   Almy, toma@sail.labs.tek.com.


Free Scheme implementations:
   Many free Scheme implementations are available from altdorf.ai.mit.edu
   []. See also the Scheme Repository described below in the
   section about repositories of Lisp/Scheme code.


   SCM, free by anonymous ftp from altdorf.ai.mit.edu:archive/scm or
   nexus.yorku.ca:pub/oz/scheme/new. Current version 3c. Runs on Amiga,
   IBM PC, VMS, Macintosh, Unix, and similar systems.  Scm conforms to
   the Revised^4 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme and the IEEE
   P1178 specification. Scm is written in C. ASCII and EBCDIC are


   SIOD (Scheme in One Defun), free by anonymous ftp from
   bu.edu:users/gjc/siod-v2.4-shar []. Runs on VAX/VMS, VAX
   UNIX, Sun3, Sun4, Amiga, Macintosh, MIPS, Cray.  Small scheme
   implementation in C arranged as a set of subroutines that can be
   called from any main program for the purpose of introducing an
   interpreted extension language.  Compiles to ~20K bytes of executable.
   Lisp calls C and C calls Lisp transparently.


Commercial Lisp implementations:

   Macintosh Common Lisp (MCL) runs on the Apple Macintosh (Mac+ or
   higher with 2.5mb RAM [4mb recommended] and system software 6.0.4 or
   later) and is available from APDA for $495.  It includes a native
   CLOS, Macintosh Toolbox/interface toolkit, generational garbage
   collection, incremental compiler, window-based debugger, source-code
   stepper, object inspector, emacs-style editor, and a foreign function
   (C) interface.  Write to: APDA, Apple Computer Inc., 20525 Mariani
   Avenue, MS 33-G, Cupertino, CA 95014-6299 or call toll free
   1-800-282-2732 (US), 1-800-637-0029 (Canada), 1-408-562-3910. Their
   fax number is 1-408-562-3971 and their telex is 171-576. Email may
   also be sent to APDA@applelink.apple.com. There is a mailing list for
   users <info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com> which is gatewayed to the
   newsgroup comp.lang.lisp.mcl and vice versa. If you don't get news,
   you can be added to the list by sending mail to

   Procyon Common Lisp runs on either the Apple Macintosh or IBM PC
   (MSDOS), costing approximately $2700. It requires 8mb RAM on the
   Macintosh and 5mb RAM on PCs, and includes a native CLOS with
   meta-object protocol, incremental compilation, foreign function
   interface, object inspector, text editor, debugger, and trace.  Write
   to: ExperTelligence, Inc., 5638 Hollister Ave, Suite 302, Goleta, CA
   93117 or call 1-800-828-0113, (805) 967-1797. Their fax is (805)
   964-8448 and email is D2042@applelink.apple.com.  An alternate address
   for British customers is: Procyon Research Ltd., Block B, Westbrook
   Centre, Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 1YQ, UK, with phones 011
   44-223-421221, 011 44-223-65011, FAX 011 44-223-460290, and email

   Franz Lisp 2.0 runs on the Apple Macintosh, requiring 1mb RAM for the
   interpreter ($99) and 2.5mb RAM for the compiler ($199).  Write to:
   Fort Pont Research, 15 Fort Pond Road, Acton, MA 01720 or call


Commercial Scheme implementations:


   MacScheme is a Scheme interpreter and compiler for the Apple Macintosh, and
   includes an editor, debugger and object system.  MacScheme costs $125
   (includes compiler) and Scheme Express costs $70 (interpreter only). It
   requires 1mb RAM. A development environment (MacScheme+Toolsmith) costs
   $395. Conforms to the Revised^4 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme.
   MacScheme+Toolsmith includes support for menus, windows, and interfaces to
   the Macintosh Toolbox, and can create small standalone Macintosh
   executables. Implemented by Will Clinger, John Ulrich, Liz Heller and Eric
   Ost.  Write to: Lightship Software, PO Box 1636, Beaverton, OR 97075, or
   call (503) 292-8765. They're moving to California. The temporary phone
   number is 415-940-4008 (Liz Heller). The new phone number will be

   EdScheme runs on Macintosh, DOS and Atari Amiga and costs $50.  It includes
   an incremental compiler, and editor, and is a close match to the IEEE
   standard. Implemented by Iain Ferguson, Edward Martin, and Burt Kaufman.
   The book (The Schemer's Guide) costs $30.  Write to: Schemers Inc., 4250
   Galt Ocean Mile, Suite 7U, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308, call (305) 776-7376,
   or fax (305) 749-3541. You can also send email to 71020.1774@compuserve.com