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Hypercard to MCL

Hello.  I am using the AppleEvent toolkit with Macintosh Common Lisp
version 2.0b4p1 to cummunicate with Hypercard 2.1 . Thus far I are able to 
communicate from MCL to Hypercard, reading lines from
 Hypercard containers  into MCL, and then converting those items into

However, I am having difficul;ty communicating from Hypercard to lisp;
that is sending function calls or data to MCL with Hypercard scripts.
I tried to use the command given in the toolkit in the exampels folder of
MCL 2.0b4p1.  Specificaly, I tried the command:

request "(+ 1 2)" from program "MCL 2.0b4p1"
put it

and got a dialog box saying "not handled by target program"
this message is also put into the variable

If anyone has any experiences that may remedy this error. please
send e-mail to 


and I will summarize the replies to the group.

A thousand thank yous,
Ira Haimowitz
MIT Lab for Computer Science