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Re: appleEvents in MCL

>Date: Sun, 23 Feb 92 00:29:23 CST
>To: info-MCL@cambridge.apple.com
>From: sdobbs@trivia.coginst.uwf.edu (Steven Dobbs)
>Subject: appleEvents in MCL
>I am having trouble opening apps with apple events in MCL.  Has anyone had
>any experience opening another application by sending it an appleEvent?

Since the application you are trying to launch isn't running, it is tough
to send it an AppleEvent.  What you need to do is send the Finder an Open
Selection event or some such non-standard event.  Details are in the
AppleEvent Registery which can be found on the system 7 CD or dev CD s(?). 
If you can't find any of these, I'll try to dig up the info for you.
Derek White      	      (-ex Mr. Pascal)
ATG/East        	       derek@cambrige.apple.com (AppleLink: DEREK)