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>   Is Chapter 27 "Pretty Printing" of "Common Lisp, Steele" available in MCL 1.3.2?
>  The following do not produce the intended results as shown on p.750 of the Steele's    

>  (setq *print-pretty* t)

>  (let ((*print-right-margin* 25) (*print-lines* 3))
>	(pprint '(progn (setq a 1 b 2 c 3 d 4))))

A friend points to me that ftp.ai.mit.edu:/pub/xp contains the entire Chapter 27 pretty-print  
functions (Waters' XP LISP Pretty Printer).  I downloaded and tested a few of them in MCL  
1.3.2.  It's wonderful!

Sheldon Shen