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Loading a file from the finder

To:     Christopher Fry    cfry@MIT.EDU
cc:     info-mcl
From:   Steve Mitchell
Date:   02-24-92
Sub:    Loading a file from the finder
> In MACL 1.3.2, when you double-clicked on a Lisp-created text file in
> the finder, MCL was launched and the clicked on file was Loaded.
> In MCL2.0, the file is Edited.
> We can come up with a syntax that will give us both capabilites.
> The first (and worst) thing I can think of is holding down the cmd or
> option key when double-clicking on a file in the finder to be loaded.
If you're looking for a precedent, StuffIt, and now StuffIt Deluxe,
will automatically process archives that you open in the Finder,
if you hold down the SHIFT key to CONSTRAIN StuffIt as it is starting.
Unlike StuffIt, MCL will have a processing order problem with multiple
files. Some incarnations of StuffIt also respond (in various ways) to
other keys being held down while they start up.
> I rely on the old behavior. It simplifies the user interface for users
> adding their own customizations to the application I'm building.
I'm having trouble visualizing this. Why not design-in your own hooks
for user customization and create a stand-alone application? This
would immediately allow more data-oriented customization and the
evolution of a user-oriented language.