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Re: lisp strings to str255

>>Is there a function in MCL that will convert a string to a str255, or
>>should I just write my own?
>The WITH-PSTRS macro usually suffices.
>(with-pstrs ((pstr "A string"))
>  ; In the body, PSTR is bound to a stack-allocated
>  ; Pascal string containing "A string".
>  )
I tried the with-pstrs function, but I cannot get it to work.  Here is the
code that I have, it anyone can help.

(defun doit ()
  (rlet ((myrec :aeaddressdesc)
         (mystr :str255))
  (let ((openfile (choose-file-dialog)))
    (with-pstrs ((mystr openfile)))  ;; converts string to str255
    ;;(checkError (#_AECreateDesc #$typeFSS mystr (length openfile) myrec))

This is supposed to get a file name and convert it to a str255 so that I
can use it in an apple event.   It gets to the with-pstrs and retruns the
following error

> Error: Argument #P"Tsunami: Steve:Steve's Lisp Folder:Eliza.lisp" is not of type SEQUENCE.
> While executing: DOIT
> Type Command-. to abort.
See the Restarts  menu item for further choices.

Anyone got any clues?

Steven Dobbs
Institute for Human and Machine Cognition
University of West Florida

"The solution to the problem will inevitably change the problem"