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Re: MCL and TCP/IP

>As anyone done interresting utilities using MCL and MacTCP,
>such as reading and sending electronic mail from MCL, interfacing
>FTP to MCL, reading News from MCL, Telneting directly from MCL,
>etc, etc, etc...
>I want to look into some of those myself, but if its already done
>that would be even better!
>Guillaume Cartier

I have some examples that I worked on that do Telnet, POP mail (reading),
and NetNews. 

I placed them in a folder called TCPExamples.sit.hqz on cambridge.apple.com
in /pub/MCL2/contrib/.

ps: I use tcp-streams through a wrapper class that uses initialize-instance
to call open-tcp-stream, to make it easier to make subclasses of
tcp-streams (as you suggested).
Derek White      	      (-ex Mr. Pascal)
ATG/East        	       derek@cambrige.apple.com (AppleLink: DEREK)