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mail list subscription oops!

, bburnard@isx.com
X-Mailer: LeeMail 1.2

A few days ago, I requested that my name be removed from the info-mcl mail 
list.  Shortly after that, Robert Burnard stopped receiving mcl mail messages 
(rburnard@isx.com). However, I am still receiving them (bburnard@isx.com). I 
think that perhaps the wrong person was removed from the distribution. 

The desired outcome:
        rburnard@isx.com  remains on distribution
        bburnard@isx.com  removed from distribution

Thanks for fixing this for us. 

* Becky Burnard ********************************** phone: (818) 706-2020 ***
* ISX Corporation                                    fax: (818) 706-2056   *
* 4353 Park Terrace Dr.                            email: bburnard@isx.com *
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