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bitmaps & catch-errors

Would anybody happen to know if there is a 2.0 equivalent
of the catch-error-quietly facility?  Also, should this
code really hang my machine?:
(defmacro bad-code (b-map)
  `(rlet ((r :rect :topleft 0 :bottomright #@(32 32)))
    (with-focused-view w
      (copy-bits (rref (slot-value w 'wptr) windowrecord.portbits)
                 (rref ,b-map bitmap.bounds)

The intended purpose of the code is to copy a small section of
a window into a non-displayed bitmap.

I believe that the error is in the second to last line.  However,
with-pointers and with-dereferenced-handles don't work.  Neither
does rebuilding the :rect record out of the bitmap.bounds.topleft
and bitmap.bounds.bottomright components.  
The bitmap sent to the macro is initialized with
(defvar bm (make-bitmap 0 0 32 32))

Thanks for any assistance...
Matt Day