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Re: mcl general info request

In article <9202212200.AA00653@cambridge.apple.com> bill@cambridge.apple.com (Bill St. Clair) writes:
   Here is an edited version of Mark Kantrowitz & Barry Margolin's
   Lisp FAQ list. I have included only descriptions of Lisp & Scheme
   implementations that claim to run on the Macintosh. MCL is one of the
   described commercial Lisp implementations.

Forgot Gambit. It is a Scheme interpreter and compiler. It is
shareware for the Mac.

Forwarded information...
Version 1.7.1 is the latest release of Gambit.  Gambit is a complete
Scheme system including an optimizing native code compiler, an
interpreter and debugger.  There is also a linker to build standalone
programs.  The interpreter is fairly compact (about 400K) and can run
in as little as 1 meg.  The system is currently only available for
M680x0 based machines.  However, the system is easy to port and will
typically compile as is on any M680x0 machine with Unix.  Ports of
Gambit have been done for:

  - HP9000/300 and 400 series
  - NeXT
  - Macintosh (+/SE/II)
  - SUN 3
  - Apollo
  - BBN GP1000 (multiprocessor)

Gambit conforms to the IEEE-Scheme standard and to the R3.99RS (R4RS
minus the macros).  The complete numeric tower is implemented
including bignums, inexact reals (floating point) and complex numbers.
Gambit also has a number of language extensions:

  - Simple macros (e.g. (##define-macro (push v x) `(set! ,v (cons ,x ,v))) )
  - Trace facility
  - Pretty-print procedures
  - String ports
  - Gensym and property lists
  - Parallelism support (based on Multilisp's "future" construct)

Gambit can be used for multiprocessing on the BBN GP1000 ("butterfly")
computer.  On single processor machines, futures give multitasking.

You can get a copy of Gambit via anonymous ftp from
trex.iro.umontreal.ca (address  Source code is
available as well as the binaries for a few machines:

   size    file
  829429  pub/gambit1.7.1/gambit1.7.1.tar.Z        Source for system
  925696  pub/gambit1.7.1/gsc1.7.1-gp1000          BBN GP1000 (compiler
  409600  pub/gambit1.7.1/gsi1.7.1-gp1000                      interpreter)
  878024  pub/gambit1.7.1/gsc1.7.1-hp7.0           HP9000/300, HPUX7.0
  365031  pub/gambit1.7.1/gsi1.7.1-hp7.0
  878063  pub/gambit1.7.1/gsc1.7.1-hp7.05          HP9000/300, HPUX7.05
  365070  pub/gambit1.7.1/gsi1.7.1-hp7.05
  919000  pub/gambit1.7.1/gsc1.7.1-next            NeXT
  400315  pub/gambit1.7.1/gsi1.7.1-next
  884736  pub/gambit1.7.1/gsc1.7.1-sun3            SUN3
  376832  pub/gambit1.7.1/gsi1.7.1-sun3
  200228  pub/gambit1.7.1/gambit1.7.1-mac.hqx      Macintosh version

Note: the Macintosh version only contains the interpreter.  The compiler,
linker and source code for the Macintosh version is available seperately
(check the "About..." dialog box in the interpreter).

Marc Feeley   -- feeley@iro.umontreal.ca

P.S. Here are some benchmark results comparing compiled code for
Gambit (v1.7.1), T (v3.1) and MIT-Scheme (v7.1.0) on the Gabriel
benchmarks and other programs.  The benchmarks were run on a 12MB
HP9000/340 (16Mhz 68030).  Programs were compiled with system-specific
declarations.  Fixnum arithmetic was used for all programs.

CPU times in seconds:

              Gambit   T     MIT
 boyer         6.71   9.89   9.30
 browse        1.43   1.63   6.36
 conform      19.35  26.94  30.21
 cpstak        0.79   1.08   0.85
 ctak          4.47 606.88  98.17
 dderiv        2.00   4.66   4.55
 deriv         2.35   3.69   3.80
 destructive   0.96   0.96   2.41
 div-iter      0.36   0.93   0.57
 div-rec       0.76   1.30   0.91
 peval         3.88          9.09
 puzzle        4.08   4.45  12.54
 tak           0.17   0.18   0.45
 takl          1.46   1.74   2.17
 traverse     41.10         52.47
 triangle     60.53  58.89 132.70
Patrick Logan, plogan@mentorg.com,
Voice: (503) 685-7000 x2907, FAX: (503) 685-1282
Mentor Graphics Corp., Bldg. C, 8005 SW Boeckman Rd., Wilsonville, OR 97070