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Remove due to cost

To Whom It May Concern:
I have just received my AppleLink bill and it is out of sight due to a
surcharge on incoming Internet messages from the MCL mailing list. I had no
idea that Apple intended to place a surcharge on this incoming mail. I assumed
the charge would only apply to outgoing messages.
I certainly do not understand why Apple singles out the Lisp development
community for increased charges that do not apply to its other development
In any case, I must request that I be removed from the mailing list as I can in
no way afford these exhorbitant charges. I will certainly miss the occasional
tidbits of support that come through this channel but they cannot be justified
at these costs.
Keith Erf
KyTek, Inc.
PS I apologize for sending this the general list but every address I tried for
the request line failed (costing even more!). The addresses tried include: