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Matrix question

	Many thanks to all who responded to my first question about
memory management with MCL.  I will not this time mention that I
am a beginner in CLOS or that I think MCL is a interpreter because
as we all know it is compiled on the fly!  here goes:

I'm looking for some general methods to extract all diaganols,
columns, and rows from a square matrix/array of any dimension.

I have designed a generic style tic-tac-toe game using simple
AI algorithms.  The main algorithm used in the game is minimax,
if you are so interested.  In any case, everything except the
heuristic to be apllied to each state (array in this case) needs
to look at all rows, collumns, and diaganols in this array.  Right
now the heuristic routine basically returns a random number and at 
this point CHAOS does not play a large part in development of 

Is there any code out there which will do this??

After I am finished any one can have the code that I have developed.
I'm little wary to give it away as since it is my first try in CLOS
it will undoubtably have many oop related problems!

John Louch