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Last night at the MADA conference in Orlando, Larry Tesler (VP of Apple's
Advanced Products Group) gave the keynote address in which he predicted that
Object-Oriented Dynamic Languages (OODLs) would be the programming direction of
the 90's.  Today at a session titled "Macintosh Common Lisp: Object-Oriented
Dynamic Language for the Macintosh", Jeffrey Stulin (who has been writing a
series of MCL articles for MADA's journal Frameworks) discussed forming a MADA
Special Interest Group devoted to Macintosh Common Lisp or OODLs and collected
names of interested people.  Howard Oakley  had also proposed an MCL SIG in an
e-mail message last week.
I'll be setting up a special AppleLink account for Jeffrey to use in organizing
the new SIG; one of us will send out a message when the account is in place.
On behalf of the MCL team at Apple, I strongly support the formation of an MCL
SIG.  We would be happy to assist to members of the MCL user community as you
form this group.
--Harvey Alcabes
  Product Marketing Manager, Object-Oriented Languages (including MCL)