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Re: powerbooks

BBRITT@ewuvms.BITNET ("Beth Davey Britt, (509) 359-6910") writes:

>Does anyone have any experience running MCL 2.0 on a powerbook 170?  I'm
>interested in purchasing one, but want to make sure that it can run
>MCL first.  It's a system 7 machine.

Yes MCL will work on Powerbooks and most other Macs I have seen. I have
used it on a 140 and it was pretty reasonable.  A 170 would be

>Also has anyone heard any early reviews on the powerbooks?

They are great!  I am trying to figure out how to get one now myself,
The active matrix display is really a step up from the lower models.  I
have also (as many of you probably have too) heard tales of color 170's
possibly faster ones made by a third party within the year.  It is not
Apple so the time frame have some validity.