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Lisp&C:Out of System Memory

I posted a problem before regarding a "saved independed application" : 

(note: the problem is for save-application only.)

MCL qiuts because of  "out of system memory" when LISP calls C to set up buffers.

My first attempt to deal with this problem was the C code.  After many experiments, I finally  
decided to test  the LISP side.    I wrote a "small" LISP program combined with the same C  
code and no crashes!

The problem, I think,  is because the independent application is getting too big,  which is  
about 1M bytes now.  (The final application will be more.) 

 I searched the mcl-info archive of the last year and found out there was a question about  
how to increase the heap size of MCL 1.3.2.  It was never answered for MCL1.3.2, but was  
answered for 2.0 instead.  (i.e., by changing LSIZ)

It will take a while before I convert my programs from MCL 1.3.2 to 2.0.  But, will 2.0 solve  
this problem?   Is there still a solution in 1.3.2?

Sheldon Shen