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Re: Bar charts and ANOVAs in MCL- any help?

>    I'm about to start writing some code to draw simple bar charts
>in MCL, but it seems like the kind of thing that must have been done...
>can anyone point me to some code to do this? I am also going to have
>to write some code to calculate ANOVAs and an extension of chi-sqaures
>called log-linear models- about which I currently know nothing. Has
>anyone else done any work with statistical claculations in Common
>Lisp which they might be willing to share?
>               Thanks...
>                             Chris

You might find this useful - get /pub/clmath.tar from ftp.ai.mit.edu
by anonymous ftp. Below is the readme file from that collection.
If I can resolve some copyright issues, I'll include it on the cd-rom, too.


Here's a LISP Library of mathematical functions that calculate
hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions. Bessel functions,
elliptic integrals, the gamma and beta functions, and the incomplete
gamma and beta functions.  There are probability density functions,
cumulative distributions, and random number generators for the normal,
Poisson, chi-square, Student's T, and Snedecor's F functions. Multiple
linear regression, Fletcher-Powell unconstrained minimization,
numerical integration, root finding, and convergence. Code to factor
numbers and to do the Solovay-Strassen probabilistic prime test.

A paper describing this library is available from the MIT AI Lab
publications department as AIM-774

:author Gerald Roylance
:title "Some Scientific Subroutines in LISP"
:date September 1984
:pages 12
:cost $3.00
:adnum AD-A147889