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Re: Comp.Lang.Lisp.MCL news archive.

>A couple of weeks ago there was a discussion of compiler-let on this
>newsgroup.  It just so happens that my mailer only keeps 7 days worth
>of news.  So I have been looking for an archive that would have the
>discussion in it.  The closest I have come is
>cambridge.apple.com/pub/mail-archive.  This gets me up to January
>1992.  Close but no cigar.  Anyone out there have a better place for
>me to look?

I've updated the archives so they're up to date as of today.
The ones on the ftp server are a copy of the real ones, so they tend
to lag a bit. The compiler-let discussion is in info-mcl-92-p2.

The short answer is you can use CCL::COMPILER-LET in MCL 2.0, but we 
don't promise this will continue to be supported in future releases.
Moon also posted a technique for simulating COMPILER-LET with MACROLET.