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Re: (collect-append ??????)

> Lispers,
>         I am trying to make a list with internal lists (1 level deep)
> all on list.  After Steele's book I came across the (collect-append) 
> function.  In my version of MCL 2.0b2 that function does not exist!
> Is it somewhere else or what would eb the best way to do the desired task!

That function does not accept a list of lists as arguments.  It is part of Dick 
Water's Series package, and operates on a list of (Series) sequences, which are 
a special datatype defined and used by that package.  In particular, they are 
not CL sequences (see CLtL2 p.32).  The Series package is not a supported part 
of MCL, though it may have been included with your copy as an unsupported 
module.  You might read the preface to CLtL2 for a bit of the history that led 
to its inclusion as an appendix.  In fact, I strongly urge everyone using that 
book to read the preface, as it contains some important warnings.

Oh yes, and lest you think I'd forgotten, there are several ways to do the 
operation you describe, one of the simplest being
  (apply #'concatenate 'list list-of-lists)