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Re: Bar charts and ANOVAs in MCL- any help?

Chris writes:

    I'm about to start writing some code to draw simple bar charts
in MCL, but it seems like the kind of thing that must have been done...
can anyone point me to some code to do this? I am also going to have
to write some code to calculate ANOVAs and an extension of chi-sqaures
called log-linear models- about which I currently know nothing. Has
anyone else done any work with statistical claculations in Common
Lisp which they might be willing to share?


Although I don't have any bar-charts, there is the Common Lisp Analytical
Statistics Package (CLASP), which I developed at U.Mass./Amherst.  It
includes ANOVA and log-linear analysis, as well as other basic statistics. I
don't hold the copyrights (the University does) but I believe that the plan
is to distribute the program to researchers.  You should contact:
	David Hart
	Dept. of Computer Science
	U. Mass.
	Amherst, Ma. 01002
to get more information about it.  CLASP was developed on TI Explorer Lisp
machines, and is currently being ported to MCL 2.0b1p3 using CLIM on a IIci.

David Fisher