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Apple Event Registry?

To:     Steven Dobbs        sdobbs@trivia.coginst.uwf.edu
cc:     info-mcl
From:   Steve Mitchell
Date:   03-03-92
Sub:    Apple Event Registry?
> Where can I get a copy of the Apple Event Registry?
The Apple Event Developers Association (AEDA) kindly gave out a few
advance copies at MacWorld last month. I have one. It's 500+ pages;
figure on $50- to get it copied and sent to you (not recommended).
The only other way I know to get it is off the Feb 92 Dev CD ROM.
This was sent to all Mac developers a few weeks ago. The docs take
1.6MB so ftp is somewhat unattractive (they'll have to be BinHexed
too). The docs are in AppleLink image file format, and require the
AppleLink program to read (!).
If you have/can get the AppleLink program, and haven't received a
better offer, link me your USnail address and I'll StuffIt and drop
a couple of diskies in the mail. If others want it too (the yellow
pages is more interesting reading, honest!), maybe MCL Central can
do something (eg put it up for ftp, or convince them they don't
really want it).
> "The solution to the problem will inevitably change the problem"
You sure ask a lot of questions; are you sure you're not related
to J. R. "Bob" Dobbs?