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User Interface classes

The MCL user interface classes (e.g. windows, views, menus) are nice,
but more would be even nicer.  What are the plans, if any, regarding
the future development of the MCL user interface classes?  The MCL
development group is in a great position (I would guess) to borrow
ideas from the MacApp development group to merge in with MCL.   Or
perhaps CLIM does everything one could want already; I couldn't tell
from the docs I've found.

In particular, what I am looking for now is something like the MacApp
command handler, where low level events like mouse down or menu select
produce commands that are passed to the current target, and on up the
view hierarchy to the application.  Undo and redo commands are handled
by the previous command objects.

Dan LaLiberte
(Join the League for Programming Freedom: league@prep.ai.mit.edu)