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Re: Display of objects - Can you help?

In article <9202291534.AA02473@triton.unm.edu> heger@triton.unm.edu (A. Sharif Heger CHNE) writes:
>I would like to display my objects in form of a network where the nodes
>are the objects and the edges are the links that are established among
>these objects.
>Is there a software or procedure that can help me to do that?
>S. Heger

   There is.  I wrote a generic graphing package in CLOS which will
work under MCL 2.0.  All you have to do to use it is define a subclass
of the generic "node" class which knows about the objects in your
application: how to draw them, how to produce inferior objects, etc..
The system handles DAGs as well as trees.

   I am forwarding it to Steve Strassman as part of a bunch of other
software I am getting ready for the MCL CD.

   If you want it sooner send me mail..


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