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Re- patching into the standard

To:     Christopher Fry        cfry@MIT.EDU
        Curt Stevens           stevens@cs.colorado.edu
cc:     info-mcl
From:   Steve Mitchell
Date:   03-08-92
Sub:    Re: patching into the standard
Curt asked:
> > Is there a way to patch into the standard get file or save as dialogs? I
> > would like to add a button for selecting the current directory (without
> > selecting a file within that directory.
Fry replied:
> I have often wanted a choose-directory-dialog. It should be part of the
> system.
choose-directory-dialog will be in MCL 2.0 final (a little bird told me).
> It should have an arg as to whether you see files or not in the
> scrolling list. In either case, you should not be able to selecta file.
You won't see files.
> In such a dialog there is an ambiguity. Are you choosing the directory
> currently displayed, or the one which is highlighted?
> I'm not sure whether I want both capabilities or just one [which one?].
> In any case, making it crystal clear to the user which dir they are
> selecting is paramount.
The dialog will have an Open button and a Select Current Directory button.
For me, that takes care of it admirably.
Has anyone extended the Open and Save File dialogs, for example by adding
a MPW-like "Read-only" checkbox? As far as I can see the Macintosh ROM
S/W architecture would make it hard for MCL to provide the hooks for this.