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Re: Re- patching into the standard

> choose-directory-dialog will be in MCL 2.0 final (a little bird told 
> > It should have an arg as to whether you see files or not in the
> > scrolling list. In either case, you should not be able to select a 
> You won't see files.
The reason I want to see the files is you may need to in order to 
identify which dir you want to select. IE I want to select the dir that 
contains the MCL application. In some contexts, the files are noise. In 
others they're vital information. Let the programmer choose by passing a 
bit to choose-directory-dialog   

> The dialog will have an Open button and a Select Current Directory  
Is the "Current Directory" the one whose contents are being shown, or 
the one that is selected in the scrolling list view? This is the
crux of the ambiguity. I guess I have to play with the dialog to know 
whether or not I still think its ambiguous.

What does double-click on a dir in the scrolling list do,
open or return the double-clicked on dir?

Vincent Keunen <scosysv!keunen@milou.nrb.be> has some interesting
notions. I hope he gets to look at the dialog before it hets shipped