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Re: XCmd in MCL 2.0b1

>What is the file HyperXCmd.lisp used for? The file came with 
>MCL 2.0b1 and is in the Interfaces folder.
>Does the file allow one to write XCmds for HyperCard or use 
>XCMDs within Lisp?
>David Kirk

We included all of the MPW interface files with MCL 2.0b1. The file
HyperXCmd.lisp defines the interface between HyperCard and an XCMD.
MCL cannot be used to write an XCMD (even if it could, a 1.5 meg XCMD
is not likely to be popular). There is an MCL 1.3.2 package
called "xcmd-access", distributed on some of Apple's developer CDs,
which defined a few of the callbacks so that MCL could call an XCMD.
Someone was talking a while back about translating the
package to 2.0, but I haven't heard whether he actually did so.