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MOPs in the Closette

Has anyone out there read The Art of the Metaobject Protocol?  I'm sure none of
you have typed in the code from the back of the book, because its available on
the Internet.  I'm typing it in, because I access the Internet through
Compuserve, so I don't think I can get at the code.

Anyway, the typings not my problem.  It's that Closette gets stuck when I try
to compile it.  It says in the book it's been tested with Mac Lisp version
1.3.3 (or around there), but I'm running 2.0b.  It gets stuck when trying to
redefine slot-value.  The book warns about "bootstrapping issues" related to
self-referential stuff, but they say their code solves that problem.

I understand certain MOP stuff is planned for 2.0 release, and maybe more for
2.1.  Is that right?  But in the meantime I wanted to play with some of this. 
Has anyone gotten it to work?

Thanks for any help.

John De Oliveira
Bank of Bermuda