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Re: MOPs in the Closette

> Date: 11 Mar 92 16:19:34 EST
> From: Wendy McLeod <76340.657@CompuServe.COM>
> ....
> It gets stuck when trying to
> redefine slot-value.  The book warns about "bootstrapping issues" related to
> self-referential stuff, but they say their code solves that problem.

That's a different issue; their code defining itself before it calls itself.
Your problem seems to be their code redefining the underlying system and thus 
breaking it.

I haven't done anything with CLOSette myself, but I would guess that it only
works in a Lisp that doesn't already have CLOS.  You can easily create such
a Lisp using packages; just define a package that uses COMMON-LISP but
shadows all the CLOS symbols such as SLOT-VALUE.