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Mike Travers' lisp contrib package

Here's the readme file from another recent contribution, this
time from Mike Travers from the MIT Media Lab (mt@media.mit.edu).
Filed in cambridge.apple.com:/pub/MCL2/contrib/mt-lisp-contrib.sea.hqx.

 - steve

Mike Travers' MCL contributions - brief descriptions.

* Applications

Agar - An animal behavior simulation environment, featuring ants and ant trails.

LiveWorld - a 2D animation package with double-buffering and sprites.

* Utilities

APROPOS-STYLE - add symbol binding information to the Apropos window (*)

BACKUP - save backup file versions of Lisp files as they are written out.

CLOSSTAR - syntactic sugaring for CLOS. Not politically correct, but convienient.

CLOS-HACKS - inspector functionality for browsing class hierarchy, other
handy things to take the place of MOP (*).

CLOS-DUMPER - dump structures containing CLOS objects to files. Warning:
simpleminded and slow (*).

INSPECTOR-EXTENSIONS - adds some extra commands to the inspector (for strings, mostly)

MT-FRED-HACKS - keyboard macros, style change commands, better M-()
command, better auto fill (*)

MT-UTILS - collection of random useful small CL functions, collected over
the years

PIXMAP-UTILS - generate and inspect pixmaps (pretty crude) (*)

QT-OBJECTS - First hack at a CLOS interface to QuickTime.  Supports movie dialog items.
Written with Marc Davis and others.

READ-EVAL-INSPECT - tighter integration of Listener and Inspector. Listener results
are displayed in an inspect window (can be conditional on class), and top inspect
form is made available in Listener as value of the % global variable. 

RSH - Execute unix shell commands on a remote machine via MacTCP.

(*)refers to internal or undocumented functions, so possibly won't work
in future releases of Lisp.

Updated versions may be found on
via anonymous ftp.